4K GeForce Now set to come to 2023 LG TVs

4K GeForce Now set to come to 2023 LG TVs

This year has seen upgrade after upgrade for GeForce Now members. The latest is the addition of native 4K streaming on LG smart TVs with no console or additional hardware needed for GeForce Now.

GeForce Now has been dabbling in 4K streaming for almost a year now, with the first rollout back in May. Since then, the cloud gaming service has continued to grow, with the most recent upgrade being the addition of RTX 4080-level graphics and love shown to ultrawide monitor users looking to stream.

Beyond that, GeForce Now announced today that Ultimate members will be able to access 4K quality streaming on certain 2023 Smart TVs from LG. That essentially means that users can turn on the TV and log into GeForce Now with no additional hardware needed.

This alleviates the need for something like a Shield TV Pro or Chromecast with Google TV and simplifies the process. Nvidia also notes that the rollout will be made in “over 80 supported countries.”

We’ve seen this become more and more popular, with the most recent native streaming option being Samsung’s Gaming Hub, which consists of GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. That option also lets users pick up a session right from the TV’s operating system.

With that news concerning LG TVs, GeForce Now is also looking at a few more game additions, including several titles from Bandai Namco Europe. The biggest of those is the Enhanced Edition of Little Nightmares II, which features RTX ON for that extra little bit of frightening realism.

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