Epic Games Store Free Games for April 20 Revealed

Spring 2020 Update - Epic Games Store - Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store free games for April 20 are Beyond Blue and Never Alone. Epic Games Store users are treated to free games on a weekly basis. Sometimes they only get one free game, but lately the Epic Games Store has been consistently giving its users two free games every week. And unlike services like PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass, the Epic Games Store free games are completely free and require no additional purchase.

Right now, the Epic Games Store free games are Mordhau and Second Extinction. Both games will be available for Epic Games Store users to claim for free between now and April 20. Mordhau is a medieval multiplayer game that has amassed a dedicated following. It is eventually making its way to consoles, but PC gamers can jump in right now and for free thanks to the Epic Games Store. Second Extinction, meanwhile, is a co-op FPS that’s currently in early access and has players mowing down hordes of dinosaurs.

Mordhau and Second Extinction will be up for grabs until Thursday, April 20 at 10am CT, at which point they will be rotated out and replaced by Beyond Blue and Never AloneBeyond Blue originally released in 2020 and is a diving simulator game that earned mixed reviews at the time of its original release. Never Alone similarly received mixed reviews when it first launched in 2014, but it could appeal to Epic Games Store users looking for a co-op game to play. However, it’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time Never Alone was free on the Epic Games Store, so some users may already have it in their collection.

Never Alone is a puzzle/platformer that has one player in the role of an indigenous girl and the other playing as a fox. While Never Alone is perhaps best played in co-op, there is also a single player option that lets players switch between the two characters to conquer the game’s various puzzles and platforming challenges.

It’s true that Never Alone had mixed reviews at the time of its release, but that didn’t stop the game from taking home various awards in the year of its release. Anyone that tries Never Alone through the Epic Games Store and enjoys it should note that there is a Never Alone DLC expansion available to purchase, plus a sequel is on the way. Never Alone 2 was first announced last year, but details on the project remain scarce at the time of this writing. Regardless, making the first Never Alone available to play for free through the Epic Games Store should go a long way in growing the potential audience base for the sequel.

The free PlayStation Plus games for April 2023 are available to claim right now across PS4 and PS5. PlayStation Plus subscribers who are signed up for the service’s most basic tier, PS Plus Essential, have a batch of free games to claim every month. These PS Plus free games are one of the main benefits of being signed up for PlayStation Plus, along with access to online multiplayer, of course.

Those who are signed up for the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers can also claim the monthly free games for their collections as well. And unlike most of the other games available for PS Plus Extra and Premium, users can keep the monthly free games forever, as long as they stay subscribed. Other games on PS Plus Extra and Premium aren’t available for one to keep and subscribers will lose access if they are ever pulled from the service.

Out of these free games, Meet Your Maker is certainly the headliner. It’s somewhat rare for PS Plus to give away a day one game for free, but Meet Your Maker is joining the service on the very day of its launch. The game is the latest project from Dead by Daylight studio Behaviour Interactive, and it has earned somewhat mixed reviews so far. PS Plus subscribers can try it without paying anything beyond their usual subscription fee, whereas everyone else will need to pay $29.99.

Tails of Iron and Sackboy: A Big Adventure are two strong additions to the PS Plus lineup as well. Both games earned mostly positive reviews from critics, plus Sackboy was actually a PS5 launch title. Overall, the free PS Plus games for April 2023 should go a long way in keeping fans signed up for Sony’s subscription service, and it will definitely be interesting to see if they free PS Plus games for May 2023 can top them.

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