Halara: The Revolutionary Activewear Brand Redefining Comfort and Style

What is Halara?

Halara is an online consumer clothing company specializing in athleisure, loungewear and simple everyday dress. Most of their clothing uses stretchy fabrics and solid colors.

Halara’s prices are somewhat higher than fast fashion e-commerce brands like Shein but still reasonably low. The average cost for a Halara garment is around $35.

How is the Quality of Halara Clothing?

Halara’s quality is above average for a budget brand. The fabric is stretchy, soft and smooth.

Most items have a slight sheen and the fabric reminds me of a thicker version of swimwear fabric.

It is well sewn and feels durable. The average price of clothes is affordable, but not cheap. The quality reflects this. very good.

Pros of Halara Clothing


By and large, everything I purchased from this brand is quite comfortable. 

Not only is the fabric stretchy and smooth, but the open-backed dresses provided serious relief for me during an absolutely brutal heat wave. Plus, those crossover waistbands are flattering and non-constrictive to wear.


Across the internet, customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive regarding the brand’s aesthetics.


While there are a few aesthetic issues with the fit of some of these garments, they do function pretty well. 

The shorts don’t ride up, which is a major plus. 

And although the removable cups have some weird dimpling, they provide reasonably good chest support, comparable to most low-impact sports bras.

Cons of Halara Clothing

Sizes run small

Harala has mixed reviews online, and the biggest complaint many customers mention is the size, not the quality, especially when it’s on the small size.

There are some fit issues

The sweatpants fit like leggings, with pocket bulges and ridges showing through the snug-fitting stretch material.

The removable padded cups sometimes distort, creating a nipple-like bulge (which defeats the purpose).

In other reviews, fit issues seem to increase with increasing size, with plus-size customers having the most problems with the fit of their garments.

It’s still fast fashion

I mean. Fast fashion is bad for the planet and the workers who make it, but it’s cheap and accessible, making it easy for low-income people to get trendy clothes.

Anyway, after all, Halara is still a fast fashion company. They seem to make no effort to reduce product waste, environmental impact, or unethical manufacturing practices.

Halara Return & Exchange Policy

According to reviews, a lot of people run into problems with returns.

Halara accepts returns within 30 days of purchase. That said, there are a lot of hoops you’ll have to jump through to receive your refund. 

As with many brands that have China-based warehouses, the shipping return process is a little tricky.

You’ll need to use their online portal to submit your return claim or you can email customer service. 

You’ll also have to pay the Halara return shipping cost unless you’re returning due to a quality issue. 

Sizing issues, loose threads, and color disparities don’t qualify as quality issues, and items must appear unused and still have their cardboard tags.

Conclusion: Is Halara legit and worth it?

Harala is a great choice if you are looking for the best value brand for comfortable and fashionable sports bras, workout dresses and leggings.

Overall, they’ve had slightly mixed reviews, but the main criticisms are the customer service and the fit and sizing, especially the plus-size Halala clothing.

Several plus-size customers have complained in their reviews that the dresses roll off, are too tight, and that sports bras and tank tops leave the chest weirdly loose.

But if you’re looking for casual clothing that’s standard sized and affordable, you’ll be happy with your Harala purchase.

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