How much does a Super Bowl ad cost in 2023?

There’s a reason Super Bowl commercials have gotten so pricey since 1967.

Super Bowl commercials are getting more and more expensive, but companies still pay the bills.

Most 30-second commercials cost him between $6 million and $7 million, Fox Sports told The Associated Press this week. Some have sold for over $7 million. This does not include the cost of creating the ad at all. Luxurious, star-studded commercials don’t come cheap. 

Despite the hefty price tag, in-game ads for Super Bowl LVII sold out by Monday, February 6th. Most of these were awarded by the end of the summer.

Although expensive, companies are willing to pay big bucks to capture the attention of spectators at the biggest sporting events of the year. With more than 100 million people expected to watch the Super Bowl, it presents a promotional opportunity like no other. 

A little history:
According to Business Insider, the first Super Bowl commercial in 1967 made him $37,500 and is currently around $338,000. Average price he reached $1 million in the mid-1990s.

So who are the companies buying up Super Bowl ad time this year?

Expect tons of commercials for alcohol, snacks, cars, entertainment, and technology. Cryptocurrency companies are expected to refrain from doing so.

Beverage giant Anheuser-Busch has abandoned an exclusive advertising deal, but remains the largest advertiser with a three-minute broadcast nationwide in 2023. However, the floodgates are open to other brands of alcohol. You can see commercials for everything from Coors to Cognac. 

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