Prince Harry defends tell-all memoir in furious ITV interview

Prince Harry launched a salvo against the King, Queen, brothers and other members of the royal family in an outrageous interview on ITV, claiming silence “only allows the perpetrators to abuse,” revealing defended his memoirs.

In an excerpt from his book Spare read out in an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby on Sunday night, Harry wrote that his interest was “sacrificed” to Camilla’s “PR altar.”

When asked if he was “pretty poignant” about his stepmother and the press, Harry responded:
“Are you crushed? No part of what I said crushed my family, especially my stepmother. Some incredibly hurtful things have happened in the past and some now.” I have.”

He accused the royal family of reacting “really badly” on the day of the queen’s death, saying his family had “chased” and witnessed “leaks and plants”. , Meghan came after it was reported that she claimed she was “unwelcome” on Balmoral.

In the first of several interviews scheduled to air before the book’s release date, Harry was asked if he had sacrificed his interests for his father regarding the press.

Prince Harry explained the relationship between the royal family and the press:
“I love my father, I love my brother, I love my family.” He said he didn’t mean to hurt or hurt her. A member decided to sleep with the devil,” he said, redeeming his own image. It was her choice, he said, adding:
“But the moment rehabilitation comes at the expense of other people, me, and other members of my family, it sets me apart.”

He spoke of the royal family vying for the spotlight. William and Kate suffered “from my father and stepmother, or their offices,” he said. , thought that everything would be fine for him and Meghan.

“How wrong I was. Exactly what William and Kate experienced with Pa and Camilla happened to us, and it also happened to William and Kate’s office. An excerpt from his audiobook played and Harry said he and William told Charles:
“We stand by Camilla, but don’t marry her, just stay with her, Dad.”

Harry continues:
“He didn’t answer. Campaigning for marriage and, ultimately, the crown, we envisioned Pa’s blessing.

“Articles about her private conversations with Willie appeared all over the newspapers. Stories with exact details, none of them from Willie of course. They were only from one other person present. It may have leaked.”

The excerpt also revealed that Harry and William had met with Charles to discuss the circumstances following the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, as relations between Harry and William had soured. I swore that I only wanted Harry to be happy. “For nearly 25 years, we’ve set aside this soul-crushing vow for when either of us needed to be heard to be believed right away,” Harry wrote. said to Bradby:
“Naturally, it caught me off guard. Not because he used it, but because it didn’t work. I just didn’t believe him.”

Asked to justify writing the book, and disclosing non-public conversations together along with his own circle of relatives, Harry stated:
“The stage of planting and leakings from different participants of the own circle of relatives approach that, in my mind, they’ve written infinite books, truly tens of thousands and thousands of phrases were committed to looking to trash my spouse and myself to the factor wherein I needed to depart my country.”

Harry denied he and Meghan had accused participants of the royal own circle of relatives of racism of their Oprah Winfrey interview, saying:
“The British press stated that.” Referring to the well-suggested comments over the shade in their son Archie’s skin, he defined it as subconscious bias, now no longer racism. He additionally stated the incident concerning charity founder Ngozi Fulani and Lady Susan Hussey was “a superb instance of the surroundings in the institution”.

Asked if William and Kate had now no longer were given on with Meghan “nearly from the get-go”, Harry replied:
“Yeah, fair.” Stereotyping had prompted a “little bit of a barrier”, he stated, adding:
“American actress, divorced, biracial.”

Harry also said of “Beardgate”:
In a bizarre week-long debate, Harry revealed that he had to ask the Queen if he could keep his beard for her wedding, as Harry said the beard was “my fear.” After explaining that it was a “shield against

However, he claimed that William later tried to order him to shave it off. asked him to shave off his beard, he thought.

Harry admitted he felt “a little bit of guilt” as he walked through the crowd outside Kensington Palace after his mother’s death, and when he shook the tears of the mourners, he said, had just cried at her funeral, he said. Harry also revealed that his father had blamed himself for his son’s hardships.As he narrated an excerpt from the book, he read:
“During dinner in Highgrove, Pennsylvania, I and I talked at length about what we had suffered.

“I gave him details and told him story by story. Towards the end of the meal, he looked down at his plate and said quietly:
“I think it’s my fault. I should have given you the help you needed years ago.”

“I assured him it wasn’t his fault, but I appreciate the apology.”

The topic of apology resurfaced in Harry’s main US interview to mark the release of his book, which he aired on CBS’s 60 Minutes on Sunday night. When journalist Anderson Cooper asked if the rift in the royal family could be healed, Harry replied:
“Yes. The ball is all theirs, but as you know, Meghan and I said we openly apologize for what we did wrong. We need a constructive conversation. No leaks.” .”

Cooper asked him directly if he was in touch with William. “No for now,” he said.

When asked if he had spoken to his father, Harry replied:
“We’re not, we haven’t spoken to each other for a while. No, not recently. ”

In addition to the 60 Minutes interview, there will be additional US media appearances with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America on Monday and Stephen Colbert on his Late Show on CBS on Wednesday UK morning.

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