Roku’s New $100 Home Security System Can Send Video to Your TV

Roku and Wyze launch a home security system | Digital Trends

Roku introduced a home security starter kit on Wednesday as part of its expanding smart home product lineup. The Roku Home Monitoring System SE has a price tag of $100 and comes with a motion detector, wireless keypad, two entry sensors and an alarm. It’s the latest addition to a line that includes security cameras, video doorbells and smart lights.

Customers can order the system on Roku’s website starting today, and the kit will be on sale at Walmart beginning May 15. No tools are required to install the devices, and the system can integrate with Google Assistant. Similar to Ring, Roku’s home monitoring setup features three modes: Home, Away and Off. 

You can customize the settings using the keypad or the app and disarm or arm your home remotely or with the keypad. The company offers a paid and free option for managing the system. You can either self-monitor via the Roku Smart Home mobile app at no charge or pay for professional monitoring from Noonlight. The latter costs $10 per month or $100 for an annual plan, but you can get 50% off your first year with an annual subscription.

According to Roku, the latest Roku TV OS rollout will enable customers with the brand’s smart TVs or Roku media players to use select smart home features. That includes the ability to check the home monitoring system on a Roku-powered TV to “see on-TV notifications and alarm countdown” if part of the system is triggered. You will be able to use Roku voice remotes (or the app) to control lights and smart plugs or to view camera footage on your TV.  Additionally, you can scroll through live or recorded video once you download the cameras app on your TV or Roku player, which integrates all your Roku smart home devices. 

For more on home security, here’s the ideal place to put your home security cameras and see CNET’s list of best cheap home security systems.

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