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Zaful Review: Everything You Need to Know About Shopping at

What is Zaful?

Zaful is an online fashion store that sells clothing and accessories to a wide audience. Founded in the year 2013, Zaful has established itself as an online fashion store that offers quality products at affordable prices.

Zaful is headquartered in Hong Kong, but also has a US office in Redwood City, CA. Zaful’s business has grown a lot recently.

1. Establishment and Market of Zaful

Zaful’s affiliate program allows you to earn Z points in addition to your money. Affiliate programs are where you promote your products and do business. If you make a sale, you will be charged a commission.

The maximum amount you can earn is 30%. There are three types of this network. These can be agencies, influencers or individuals.

For agencies, Zaful can offer banners, data, coupons and videos.

Plus, if you have influence, Zaful will give you free clothes. Zaful also offers special coupons.

However, Zaful needs to know how products have been used on his website. Individuals must have a Facebook account.

Zaful also offers free clothes. However, each social media channel must meet certain criteria, such as: B. His follower count.

2. What Products you can Buy from Zaful?

Zaful has thousands upon thousands of products. It is impossible to list them all. Shopping on Zaful’s website will make you happy as a shopper.

It stocks almost any clothing item you could think of. Zaful isn’t a specialist in shoes. Although you may occasionally see some shoes, it is not the primary business focus.

Here’s a list of product categories that can be found in Zaful for women:

Product CategoriesProduct Categories
HoodiesIntimate wear
SwimwearPants, Blouses, Jeans, Jackets
Casual dressesBohemian and summer dresses

The site allows you to browse by category, making shopping easier. For example, filters let you show only certain materials like nylon, wool acrylic, wool, polyester, wool, or wool.

3. Shipping Methods and Cost

Zaful calculates shipping costs for customers shopping from different countries. There are also differences in delivery times.

A US customer expects his delivery to take 6-8 business days. Standard shipping does not include 7 days processing. Expedited shipping only takes 3-7 business days. Standard shipping is available for UK orders and expedited shipping is available for 7 days.

Free standard shipping for all customers spending $49 or more. After that, shipping costs vary from $3.99 to $12.99.

Is Zaful Legit?

Zaful is a new fast fashion website founded in Hong Kong in 2014. We have a wide range of party, daywear and swimwear.

There is also a men’s corner that has never been seen before. Zaful offers cute and fun creations at low prices.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t need a white workhorse shirt that you wear every day for the rest of your life.

Instead, you’ll find the perfect suit for a tropical getaway, brunch with friends, or dinner. It’s the perfect place to try new trends and discover what you love.

1. Customer Support and Service

If the product is defective, damaged, wrong size or mis-shipped, please contact our customer service center immediately.

Customers must return merchandise to Zaful’s official return address for free replacement or full refund in accordance with the policy outlined in the Official Terms.

Items returned for reasons other than those listed above may be eligible for a partial refund. We encourage you to review our current return policy by visiting our website or calling customer service.

2. Refund, Return and Exchange policies by Zaful

To return your item, please contact Zaful within thirty days. In most cases, you will have to cover shipping costs.

If you have received an incorrect item or a faulty size item, please call our support center and send a photo or video. The issue’s cause will determine the outcome.

You can always change your mind, even if the wrong item was sent to you.

In such cases, you can get a partial return or exchange. You’ll still need to pay the shipping costs.

3. How Long Does Zaful Take to Process a Return?

Please allow 24 hours for the Zaful team to reply with your RMA number and return address.

You can then securely pack the item, fill out the form, and hand it over to the carrier of your choice.

You can visit the website and confirm that the company will replace or refund the item if you are not satisfied.

It’s not that easy. If you want to return an item, you must first log in with your email password or create an account on our website. Only then can you visit the Support Center and report any issues. No email, phone or online chat.

If you wish to return an item, you must state the reason for the return and his SKU product number. There is more! There is also an additional catch.

Customer is responsible for incorrect size. The original item can be returned or exchanged, but the shipping fee to China is the responsibility of the customer.

But these cheap items are cheaper than the shipping cost. Because of this, many people cannot get their items back.


With so many negative Zaful reviews available online, it’s no wonder that consumers are asking the question, “Is Zaful legit?”

In our own review, we’ve taken a look at the company’s structure and history to learn more about Zaful as well as the quality of the Zaful clothing you can expect to receive.

An important thing we found was that it appears Zaful is working to improve their customer service and their reputation issues. We’ve found that several Zaful ratings have improved over the last few years with more positive reviews.

It’s also impressive that Zaful has changed their shipping policy to address a key complaint about long shipping times and is trying to get its products out faster.

While some individuals end up happy with the purchases they make and the clothing in their Zaful reviews, there are also many disgruntled customers.

Is Zaful a scam? No. In our opinion, although they have a troubled past when it comes to their reviews of shipping poor quality items, they’ve made great strides to improve.

But you should still be wary and understand that you may not get the item you think you will. We recommend caution because there are still many mixed reviews for Zaful clothing out there, even with their recent improvements.

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