Envato Elements Review: Is It Worth It?

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a paid membership that gives you access to multiple digital products. These products can be used and downloaded unlimited times. including:
Create graphics, brushes, videos, templates, WordPress themes, and more.

Elements made the biggest impression with what Envato previously marketed as the “ultimate creative asset subscription.”

Here, in this post, we provide a detailed overview of the service. It also explains why content creators and developers sign up.

Is Envato Elements Worth It?

Envato’s digital asset resource directory continues to offer a variety of products individually. Asset creators actually set the price, but Envato charges them a licensing fee to help them sell on its platform.

Therefore, the prices of items available for purchase on Envato vary widely. B. You might pay $60 for a theme offered by ThemeForest or $25 for CodeCanyon’s WordPress plugin. GraphicRiver offers the same photo for $35 and PhotoDune for $5.

If you buy digital assets on a regular basis, your spending can skyrocket quickly. Instead of paying for each item separately, Elements gives you the opportunity to get a massive archive of digital assets for just $16.50 per month. Yes it’s worth it!

This archive contains multiple stock photos, music, fonts, graphics, plugins, and themes. Best of all, members can download these articles an unlimited number of times.

The service quickly became popular due to its extremely affordable prices.

How To Get Envato Elements Subscription

If you want to merely sign in and browse Envato Elements, it’s free. Free browsing is available for visitors. Even the entire digital archive is available for browsing just like a regular member. The difference in this is that the item page displays an option of downloading for members rather than a sign of encouragement to sign up.

You can find a full explanation on the item page about the element and its purpose. It also displays the files to be included along with the applications, and file types that are usable with these elements and their dimensions. Such dimensions include colour selection and further relevant information.

If you are there to merely browse and explore the site to work on your project, it notes down your viewed items.

You can do this by placing and bookmarking your items in a collection. You can later review all these items as you decide to get started with Elements to complete your project.

All the files that you want should be added if you intend to download them.

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

membership gives you access to over 1,600,000 digital items and 50,000,000 stock photos on Envato Elements and Twenty20 respectively. This membership also entitles you to TutsPlus e-books and courses.

All this for $16.50 per month, excluding tax.

The student discount is 30% and students can take advantage of it by adding their student email ID during signup. No long term contract required. Your membership is valid for one month and you can cancel your membership at any time during the month. You may download an unlimited number of digital products, but you do not own the entire property. For example, you may not download items to resell to others or use printed graphics to sell items commercially.

Read the license terms to find out what is allowed and what is not.

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