What is AppSumo? Review & Tips for Buying Lifetime Deals


In 2010, entrepreneur Noah Kagan realized there was a big gap in the market. He needed better software tools, more information, and a larger community. So he built a platform to help other entrepreneurs by promoting their tools at incredibly low prices.

Simply put, AppSumo is a daily deals website focused on digitally delivered goods and services.

AppSumo works in two ways. First, businesses that sell services or digital products can partner with AppSumo to offer significant discounts on their products or services. This can get more people to see your offer and become regular customers.

Secondly, entrepreneurs can browse various offers on the website. They can find cheap or free items and services to help build their business. Video editing services, project management software, and even social media tools are just a few of the products available.


AppSumo works with digital product sellers and service providers. They must be willing to offer their products and services at very reasonable prices in order to drive transactions. Large supplier discounts are accepted due to high sales volume.

AppSumo broadcasts information about each transaction to a vast online audience, generating massive and valuable sales quickly. AppSumo walks you through possible use cases, reveals business information, shoots videos, and displays customer reviews for each business.

They are true collaborators in everything from creating copy to beta testing products to providing reviews.

Partners gain visibility and customers, and AppSumo uses a portion of the revenue to fund its own operations.

AppSumo releases about 3 new offers every week for Sumo-Lings (the people who are AppSumo’s loyal customers). These packages are very cheap. You can find lifetime deals cheaper than what others pay for one year for the entire package. AppSumo puts a lot of time and effort into presenting our bargains.

AppSumo does some of the most important work for you as it shows only the best of the best (his 10% of applications received). Sellers may limit the number of bargains available and prevent access when they are gone.

Sumo-Lings benefits from her AppSumo offer which is excellent, allowing partners to bring their products to her AppSumo platform where they can showcase and sell.


For all eligible product sales, our refund policy will refund the full purchase price for a specified number of days per product. It will be applied from the date of purchase regardless of the cause.

This means that you may request a refund for any product purchased from AppSumo for any reason within the time period specified for each product. And you will get a full refund.

Each product’s return policy can be found in the terms and conditions section of the product detail page on the website. For example, digital downloads cannot be returned for a refund. Please see the terms and conditions section of each listing to see if the tool is covered by a money-back guarantee.

This policy applies to all product purchases. However, refunds cannot be requested once you have received rewards from your AppSumo membership subscription, AppSumo Plus. You can cancel at any time (if you cancel your membership upon renewal). Since it is an annual contract, there is no charge from the next year.


AppSumo is a treasure trove of lifetime access to great deals and cheap apps for entrepreneurs. Risky investments can win or lose. But a successful company may outweigh some bad ones by spreading the basic risk of buying his one-off product from a stranger company.

You can overcome your FOMO trading addiction by setting specific lifetime trading buying guidelines. Sign up for AppSumo’s newsletter to stay up to date on new discounts. Join the LTDFans Facebook group and discuss.



  • Average of 3,5 million partners selling on AppSumo
  • Lifetime deals
  • Subscription discounts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • There are more than 50 categories in the inventory
  • Generous and fair returns policy
  • AppSumo Plus sends out email notifications when the best deals are available
  • AppSumo customers can get a 10% discount on KingSumo memberships
  • Friendly and active AppSumo team
  • Very engaged community of Sumo-Lings


  • Some AppSumo deals change their terms and features after the sales
  • The refund policy can be misleading
  • Customer support is inconsistent and often without clear communication
  • User reviews are overly enthusiastic
  • Startup failures mean your lifetime deal may become inactive


AppSumo has consistently disrupted long-time tech giants and gained prominence in a short amount of time. By providing entrepreneurs with the right tools, the best deals, and solutions, AppSumo powers the digital industry.

Products and services are inexpensive and help achieve desired results. The right tools can help you get through the toughest parts of any business venture, benefiting beginners and professionals alike. And best of all, there is a lifetime offer that leads to great savings. In this AppSumo review, we concluded that AppSumo works, but if you’re a big fan or avid shopper, it’s still great. AppSumo will quickly lose ground unless it is fixed.

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